Adjectives in the Miniature Environment

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  • The pieces of the miniature environment
  • Corresponding reading labels which now have the article, adjective and noun
  • The grammar symbols



  1. The children each bring an object from the environment and place them at random on the table.
  2. The directress writes a label; "the broken plate", which has the adjective written in red.
  3. The child reads it silently and places it with the object.
  4. He identifies the function of each word, placing the symbols over the words.
  5. Each child receives a label.
  6. Here again the exercise of tearing and rearranging the words may be done to emphasize the position of the adjective.
  7. Each child may draw and copy the label, pasting the symbols appropriately in her journal.
  8. The old miniature environment labels which had the article and noun should be replaced by labels including adjectives.

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