Exercise of Logical Agreement: An Object and a Quality

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  • 20 nouns on black cards
  • 20 adjectives on brown cards (to match grammar box)


The adjectives used should be objective, i.e., not "good" or "pretty".


  1. The noun cards are given to the child and she reads them as she lays them out in a column.
  2. The directress reads an adjective card, and the child guesses with which noun it should be paired.
  3. After all of the adjectives have been matched, they are collected, shuffled and placed again in the column.
  4. The child reads each combination and states whether or not it could make sense.
  5. Directress says; "Some adjectives are very particular, while some can describe many nouns, ex: a sharp knife".
  6. The directress selects three nouns at random and isolates them.
  7. The child is given all of the adjectives and tries to match as many as possible.

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