Pronoun: The Verb Family

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  1. Do you remember the noun family?
  2. The child is invited to place the symbols (3 dimensional) of the noun family in order in a row.
  3. There is also a verb family.
  4. It is composed of the verb, adverb and pronoun.
  5. Place these three symbols in a row in such a way that the pronoun symbol is on the end nearest to the noun family.
  6. The pronoun is part of the verb family because it must always be close to the verb.
  7. Yet, it is also closely related to the noun because it takes the noun's place sometimes.
  8. The pronoun symbol can be moved toward the center of the two families to show that it is being pulled by both sides.
  9. Show the charts to demonstrate this relationship.
  10. The verb is energy like the sun; the adverb, like a planet going around the sun, has a close, dependent relationship with the verb.
  11. The pronoun, like a rocket, seems to be pulled away by the noun (not pictured).
  12. Thus, in spite of the fact that the pronoun is part of the verb family, it is strongly attracted by the noun family.
  13. The sun with its fiery rays on one side and gear teeth on the other, represents the verb.
  14. The adverb is again represented by a planet which also has gear teeth on one side that will mesh with those of the sun.
  15. The pronoun, still a rocket, has no gear teeth, thus it would not fit with the others in the family.
  16. The last chart is simply titled "The Verb Family" and has the three symbols pasted on.

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