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Box 3
Cards containing words such as sweep, eat, brush, and whisper.
Box 4
Verb Themes. A set of cards with a verb theme.

  1. Theme walk, stride, tiptoe, creep, stagger, march.
  2. Theme breathes, pant, gasp, puff, sight, yawn, and blow.
  3. Theme look, peep, gaze, stare, glance, watch.


A group presentation (Note: full work cycle to be observed).


  1. The Directress introduces the respective Verb Boxes to the children, saying "Today we are going to do Verbs".
  2. She opens the lid of the box, place it underneath the box on the mat.
  3. She then takes out the grey header card with the word "Verb" and place it on the mat.
  4. The Directress hands out a card face down to each child. ask the child to read the word on the card silently.
  5. The children are then to act out the word on their card one by one while the rest of the children try to guess the word from the action.
  6. When all the children have completed, the Directress explains to the children that they have all done something and these group of words are called "verbs". "Verbs are doing words. We have all did something".
  7. For Box 4, when one theme is used at a time, get the children to "act" the word and then explain to the children that they have all done something similar.

Control Of Error

Directress directed.

Points Of Interest


  • Practice reading.
  • Reinforce the function of the verb.
  • Foster communication through mime.