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The Wikisori Newsletter provides the following information:

  • Featured Albums - As a helpful refresher, we'll select one of our best Montessori Album entries to share with our Newsletter subscribers.
  • Teaching Resources - As you may already know, Wikisori has a long list of teaching resources provided by our community of Montessorians.  Our Newsletter will highlight one of our best teaching resources so that our Newsletter subscribers can become aware of the many great resources available to them.
  • Parent Resources - Since many of our users are parents wanting to know more about the great information their child is learning, we will also highlight one of our most useful parent resources.
  • Articles - If you have a topic that you feel would benefit the Montessori community and would like to write an article on that topic, please send your name, organization (if applicable) and article to

We will never share your email without your permission. We don't like spam either, and will only send emails which we feel will be of interest to you. On average, you can expect to receive no more than one email per week from