Sandpaper Blending

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4 and up.


  • Sandpaper letters or Movable alphabet.
  • Sound Table.


As soon as a child has learned the sound of one or two vowels and 5 consonants start him blending.


  1. Have letters prepared for 3 letter phonetic words (ie. mat).
  2. Random the letters and review each letter's sound.
  3. Directress lays down a 9 inch black circle.
  4. Lay out each letter some distance apart, saying it's sound clearly. Use short sound.
  5. Directress sounds out each sound of the word slowly, pointing to the sound as she says it.
  6. Have child repeat after the directress.
  7. Say sounds faster and move cards closer together.
  8. Blend first two sounds together.
  9. Add last sound to the first two.
  10. Have child keep sounding out the letters until he recognizes the word. If he seems to be frustrated, help him along.
  11. Say complete word.
  12. May write word down for child to take home.
  13. Depending on the attention level of the child continue until the child indicates he's tired.

Control Of Error

  1. The directress
  2. Hearing two vowel sounds.
  3. Hearing an unblended sound.
  4. To get the child to recognize the part individual letters play as they come together to make a word.

Points Of Interest

The letters coming together to form words.

Realizing that he can read.


  •  To show how the consonant and the vowel come together to form a sound, either a consonant-vowel sound, or a vowel-consonant sound.
  • To show that consonants are dependent on vowels for release.
  • Preparation for resding and writing.


  1. Child selects his own letters to form his own words.
  2. Directress lays out an object that has 3 letters in its name and has the child find its letters.
  3. Directress has a basket of objects (3 letter phonetic). Directress lays out the 3 letter phonetic word an the child has to find the object that goes with it.