Analysis of the Squares: Binomial

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  • Bbox of colored bead bars 1-10
  • One each of the squares of 1-10
  • Rrubber bands



  1. The directress presents the hundred square, and the child identifies it as the square of 10, or the hundred square.
  2. Observe that it has 10 beads on one side and ten on the other.
  3. Write 10 x 10 = 100 on a strip of paper.
  4. Because we know this square so well, we are going to perform a small division of the square.
  5. The child is asked to count 6 beads along one side.
  6. A rubber band is placed after the 6th bead around the square. (The result will be two perpendicular rubber bands.)
  7. Directress asks the child: "How many parts has the square been divided into? Let's see how the 4 parts are composed: 6 on one side, 6 on the other, 6x6; 4 by 6 or 4 taken 6 times , 6x4, 4x4. Let's write this down and while writing, we can reconstruct the square with colored bead bars".
  8. As each combination is written, the product is recorded, as the appropriate beads are lain out.

6 X 6 = 36
4 X 6 = 24

6 X 4 = 24
4 X 4 = 16

60 + 40= 100

    9.  Add the products. Push the bead bars together and place the 100 square over it to verify sensorially that the decomposition was done correctly.

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