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  1. A hundred chain made up of 10 Ten Bead Bars.
  2. A set of small labels, 1 through 9 in green, 10 to 90 in blue and 100 in red.
  3. 1 Hundred square.
  4. Floor mat.



  1. Directress places the materials on the floor mat.
  2. She starts by folding up the Hundred Chain into a square and puts it beside the Hundred square, and asks the child, "Do you think this is the same quantity?".
  3. Then the Directress invites the child, "Let's count".
  4. She begins to unfold the hundred chains, stretching it out and place them in a straight line.
  5. Directress begins to count the beads starting from 1,2,...10.
  6. When she reached 10, she places a marker saying 10 on the top and then begins to count the next 10 beads.
  7. At the next 10 beads she placse a marker saying 20 on the top and so on till she reach 100, counting 10,20,30 and so on.
  8. Then the Directress says, "This Hundred Chain makes a Hundred Square" and she pushes the Hundred Square to the end of the Hundred Chain where the marker says 100.

Control Of Error

Directress guided.

Points Of Interest


  • Help the child to realize how much bigger one hundred are than one ten, and how much bigger one thousand is than one hundred.
  • Help the child grasp the conservation of number and reversibility.
  • Introduce the child to counting in tens.



100 Chain Bead Arrows