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  1. Collection of farm animals and buildings.
  2. Color coded grammar cards.
  3. Nouns on black card.
  4. Verbs on red card.
  5. Adjectives on blue card.
  6. Articles on grey card.

Farm 1 early grammar

  1. Black word cards for objects either pink or blue words which are nouns e.g. pig, piglet, dog, sack, hen, men, cock, ram, ... etc.


Words to be selected from the Morris - Montessori Word list at the appropriate level.

An individual presentation (Note: full work cycle to be observed)


  1. The Directress invites the child to arrange the objects on the farm box.
  2. Encourage the child to place the nouns against the objects.
  3. "Adjectives describe nouns. Can you place the adjectives against the nouns?" the Directress invites the child.
  4. Encourage the child to form sentences, for e.g. "The sick cow", "The big log", "A fat pig", "The black duck", ... etc.
  5. Next, we form phrases that incorporates verbs, for e.g. "The black duck swim", "A fat pig slept", ... etc.
  6. The Directress encourages the child to talk about the agreement of farm animals and read the sentences he has made to her.

Control Of Error

Directress directed.

Points Of Interest


  • Learn word order in sentences using concrete objects.
  • Practice reading.
  • Explore creative ways of using familiar words.



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