Multiplication Chart B

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  1. Multiplication Chart B (This is a blank Pythagorean Table with only the figures along the top line and down the side).
  2. A box of slips with the multiplication combinations.
  3. Answer tiles to fill in the blank chart.



  1. Directress gives the child the chart and the box of slips.
  2. The child takes a slip, for e.g. 7x3.
  3. Find the number 7 on the top of the board and 3 at the right side of the board.
  4. Place fingers on the two numbers, and slide them along and down to the meeting point.
  5. The child tries to recall the answer and then places the answer tile in that column.
  6. The child continues to work through the slips in the box.

Control Of Error

  1. The Summary of multiplication tables.
  2. Chart A acts as a control of error because the answers are stated on it.
  3. Directress guided.

Points Of Interest


  • To provide the child with the materials  for testing their ability with multiplication tables.