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  • Ten cards with the numerals 1 to 10 mounted in sandpaper.


The numerals 1 to 10 are introduced in stages, with 3 cards at one time, for e.g. For the first time, Directress will introduce 1,2,3 and for the second time, 3,4,5 and so on.
Trace the number in the way that you wish the child to write them. Be precise.


  1. Directress takes the first 3 sandpaper numerals (put the rest face down aside, so as to not distract the child) and says ' this is how we write the numbers".
  2. She then uses the "Three Period Lesson" to teach both the name and the shape of the numerals.

The First Period:
Directress takes '1', places it in front of the child, traces the shape of the numeral in the direction it is written with two fingers and says, "This is 1"
Directress then ask the child to feel and trace the numerals with her fingers, and directress says "This is 1". And encourages the child to repeat after her by saying, "Can you say 1?" and the child will repeat after the Directress, as she traces the numerals. Directress takes the card away and place it face down at the side to isolate it.  Then the Directress repeats the same for numerals 2 and 3.

The Second Period:
The Directress places the cards facing up in sequence on the table in front of the child and says, "Show me 1". The child will probably point to 1. The she says, "Show me 2" and the child will probably point to 2 and so on for Number 3.

The Third Period:
The Directress then lays the 3 sandpaper numerals randomly on the table facing the child. She points to anyone and says "What is this?". She repeats for the other cards.

Control Of Error

  1. The sandpaper acts as a control for teaching the shape of the numerals. (the feel of the sandpaper).
  2. Directress guided.

Points Of Interest

It is important to remember that as the child is tracing the number he says the number. In this way, he is seeing, feeling, saying, touching and hearing the number at the same time.

Before going on to the next three new numbers, always remember to revise those previously taught.


  • Teach the child the written symbol for numbers 1 to 10.
  • Indirect preparation for writing by showing the child how to trace the numerals of the sandpaper.


  1. "Who is missing?"-- ask the child to close his eyes then, hide one card and let the child find it.
  2. Ask the child "What comes between?" "What comes before?" "What comes after?"