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  • Eight thermic bottles, i.e. small, chrome-plated metal bottles similar to thermos flasks which are filled with water of different temperatures immediately before use. The temperatures should vary by 10oC, i.e. 17oC, 27oC, 37oC and 47oC. Bottles are prepared in pairs.


This is an individual exercise done at a table with out a mat. (Note: work cycle to be observed)


  1. Starts with 3 sets of thermic bottle first.
  2. The Directress takes out one set of the thermic bottles and align them in a column on the left side of the table, which we shall call side A.
  3. The other set is then align in another column in the right side, which we shall refer to as Side B.
  4. The Directress then begins the pairing exercise.
  5. She shows how to hold one of the bottles from side A by grasping around the bottle with the left hand.
  6. She feels the temperature with the left hand and then using the right hand, goes through each thermic bottles on side B, trying to find the bottle that is of the same temperature.
  7. When a match is found, the pair of thermic bottles is placed in the middle between the two rows of thermic bottles.
  8. Directress may use the Three Period lesson to teach the child the terminology, 'cold, warm, tepid'.

Control Of Error

A thermometer is used to prepare the bottles, with the bottles being marked to show the variation so that the temperatures can be checked.

Points Of Interest

The Directress must ensure that the bottles are refilled at regular intervals to maintain a constant temperature.
The Directress should have a discussion with the child before this presentation. Explain to the child the danger of hot.


  • To develop an awareness of different temperatures.


The child puts on a blindfold and pairs the bottles by temperature.